Pressed for space? The UpLift 975 brings sit-stand ergonomics with a smaller footprint

So let’s assume for a second that you are interested in ergonomics (not an unreasonable assumption, since you’re currently reading an ergonomics blog). And let’s also assume you’ve done your research and realize the long-term health and productivity benefits of ditching your old desk and upgrading to a sit-to-stand height-adjustable workstation. But here’s where our hypothetical veers off-course, into the darkest timeline, because let’s also assume that you don’t have the space, budget, or inclination to opt for a two-leg height-adjustable desk. Indeed, I talk to a few people every day in this very predicament. For them, even something as affordable and well-reviewed as the UpLift 900 is simply not a realistic option. Fortunately, we have an alternative: the pedestal desk!

Available as the standard UpLift 970 or the smaller, faster-shipping UpLift 975, the pedestal desk is an option for people who want to gain the health benefits of standing while they work, but are not able to fit a two-leg UpLift 900 into their existing work area. There can be plenty of awesome perks to using a pedestal desk, but there are some drawbacks too. Hopefully, this post will give you a better idea of what to expect from your shiny new pedestal desk! [ Read more ]

Top 5 Ergonomic Items for the Home

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Working at The Human Solution gives me the opportunity to use the latest and greatest ergonomic products we have available. Having a great ergonomic setup at work is certainly very important, but it’s easy to forget that ergonomics are important at home too. Last night I took a moment to really appreciate just how much [...]

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Our Newest UpLift Desk “Steels” the Show!

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Here at The Human Solution, we’re always expanding our height-adjustable desk selection in response to customer feedback. We’ve had so many inquiries on stainless steel desks over the past year, we decided to add them to our selection. Whether you want this desk for a lab or clean room application, or you just want the [...]

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Hot Times, Summer in the Office!

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Our office is located in Austin, Texas, so we know hot summers. A summer in Texas is actually a rite of passage; it affects what we wear, what we eat, and what we do here. And it only makes sense that hot weather can also affect how we work, and how productive we are. We [...]

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Introducing the UpLift Monitor Arm!

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The height-adjustable nature of our UpLift desks has made it both easy and affordable to switch from sitting to standing every day, letting you reap all the ergonomic benefits of mixing up your working posture at the touch of a button. Likewise, our UpLift Large Keyboard Tray allows you to quickly adjust your keyboard’s height, [...]

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Praise for the UpLift 900 Just Keeps Rolling In

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We’ve known for years that our UpLift height-adjustable desks are the best on the market, and our thousands of satisfied customers have known it too. One of those customers, Emily May of KK Cool Tools, published an excellent and informative review of the UpLift 900 desk base. Now that we are getting some serious recognition from a [...]

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Ergonomic All-Stars: The Starting Lineup

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It’s time for the MLB All-Star Game, and, as an Astros fan, I’m still in a bit of quandary that started last year. With their recent move to the American League, I now find myself at a crossroads: to root for the team that will have the one obligatory Astro (and subsequently find myself having [...]

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The Human Solution Goes the Extra Mile

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At The Human Solution, we love going the extra mile for our customers. No matter who you are or what you’re buying, we want to make sure everyone who works with us has a great experience. Recently, one of our customers found out just how committed we are, and the results have kind of blown [...]

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Gamenomics – National Video Game Day

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National Video Game Day was July 8th and I think we can all celebrate the role that gaming has played in our lives. Even now, I have fond memories of playing with my brothers, strangling them with the controller wire if they tried to cheat or happen to win, and playing Golden Eye with my [...]

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