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I recently read an article about why a standing desk may not be for everyone. Being a proponent of standing at your desk, I am pretty interested in hearing about different users’ experiences and challenges are. If you read the article, you can see that the author is being genuine, and his story detailing why he wanted one, his execution, and how he felt after is quite compelling. Interestingly enough, I thought that the central point of his piece is totally correct: that there are serious health risks to inactivity. That’s not just a key point for standing desks, but in ergonomics in general. While proper positioning and posture play very important roles, being static decreases blood flow, resulting in a myriad of health risks.

But I can’t help but feeling that people sometimes misunderstand how a standing desk should work. For example, the author built his desk for $22.00 worth of Ikea parts. Its an impressive accomplishment, but he still fell into a common trap: instead of sitting all day, he tried standing all day. The problem is the execution in his model. He built a pure standing desk, without the option to easily adjust back to a sitting position.  A sit to stand desk solves these issues, providing a convenient way to eliminate inactivity. The point is to have different options available to better suit your needs, not to make you uncomfortable or pass an endurance test. [ Read more ]

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Good news, height-adjustable desk enthusiasts! (That’s our whole office, and hopefully yours as well.) Our Uplift desks now have a site all their own, featuring just our most popular models and accessories for quick, easy shopping. On, you’ll find the best-sellers among our single, two-leg, and large corner desks, all in our newest Uplift [...]

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Why UpLift is the #1 Standing Desk

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Why is UpLift Desk the #1 Standing Desk? With standing desks entering the consciousness of the average office worker and making the rounds in the mainstream media, we know there’s one question on everyone’s mind: Which desk is #1?  Which desk is the best?  In terms of price, performance, versatility, and durability, the clear answer [...]

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Get Out of the Sitting Cycle with Ergonomics

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As the dangers of spending too much time sitting become increasingly apparent, it’s worth taking stock of just how much time the average person spends sitting on the average day. Its easy to focus on the 8 hours per day spent sitting at work, but that’s really just one part of the equation. As this [...]

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Sitting All Day: Just as Bad in the Classroom as It Is in the Office?

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We here at the Human Solution have told you innumerable times about the detriments all-day sitting in an office environment can have on your focus and energy, as well as your health. As CNN points out in a recent article, though, we have neglected a segment of the population for which sitting still all day [...]

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Standing Desks: Then and Now

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I’ve always been something of a history nerd, so after I made plans to visit Boston this year, I figured it’d be a good time to brush up on my Revolution-era American history. Much to my surprise, I stumbled across an interesting fact: Thomas Jefferson was, in fact, a standing desk user, as were other [...]

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Introducing the Focal Mobis Seat

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Only a few days after designer Martin Keen graced The Human Solution with his presence last week, we’re happy to announce the launch of a brand new Focal product: the Focal Mobis Seat. A sort of “grab-and-go” version of the iconic Focal Locus Seat, the Mobis is a light and compact standing desk chair that [...]

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Martin Keen of Focal Upright Furniture Visits The Human Solution

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The popular South by Southwest conference, trade-show and music festival, affectionately known as SXSW, has come and gone here in Austin for 2014. While it was certainly an eventful week, those of us that did not take off work to enjoy the celebrity sightings or music festival were treated with a visit to The Human [...]

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Join the UpLift Desk Hall of Fame!

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I’m sure you’ve heard it from a coworker before: “A standing desk? That’s so weird!” While it’s true that standing desks are still fairly uncommon and thus “weird” to most people, they’re far from an unproven concept. In fact, our UpLift 900 desk was recently recognized by both the Los Angeles Times and Lifehacker as [...]

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